SW6000 version 6.5.28 for systems with CU 61xx & DIS-CCU


SW6000 v6.5.28 is now released as a hotfix for v6.5.25. SW6000 v6.5.25 as a feature release for systems using CU 6105, CU 6110 or DIS-CCU.

This version introduces new features, improvements as well as bug fixes.

Upgrade from all previous SW6000 versions is possible. 

Upgrade from v6.0 and later versions are not subject to an upgrade license, whereas upgrade from version 5.8.122 (or previous versions) is subject to an upgrade license.

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DIS Firmware Release 8.2 for CU 5905, 61xx & DIS-CCU)


Firmware 8.2 is now available. This release introduces new features.

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Firmware Compatibility Tables 

Recommendation for upgrading from firmware prior to Release 8.0

In case of using a password for the WEB browser, please follow the following procedure:

  1. Disable the WEB password before starting the upgrade
  2. Upgrade firmware
  3. Enable the WEB password(s)

This is required due to updates to the WEB interface

In case the password hasn't been disabled and the WEB interface becomes inaccessible, the password can be cleared by performing "Factory Default" from the front panel display of the CU/CCU.