The firmware releases add new features to the system and corrects bugs in both CU 5905/DIS-CCU Central Unit and in DC 5980 P/F Discussion Units. It is advisable to make an upgrade of the whole system.

The DIS Firmware Upgrade Utility (FUU) must be used for upgrade and is therefore included in the download. Upgrade using the FUU is only possible with a connected PC.

Please follow the guidance in the Upgrade Manual DDS 5900


Downloads and Release Notes

Release 8.0.3

From release 8.0.3 and forward the firmware for CU 5905/DIS-CCU is in the same firmware release. Please refer to the 'DDS 5900 and DCS 6000 Upgrades' page for downloading the firmware.

Release 1.10.7

Firmware for CU 5905 and DC 5980 P/F Discussion units including DCS 6000 Firmware Upgrade Utility ver. 1391 (FUU). This release contains the following fixes and improvements:

BUG fixes
- Fixes an increased audio delay in VOX mode introduced into release 1.10.5

- Adds mute toggle functionality to units in VOX mode 

Release 1.10.6

BUG fixes
- Update to allow delegates in request to be clicked into speak from Web UI Microphone Control page
- Update to allow the password for the CU WEB interface to be cleared

- Polish labels updated in WEB interface
- FUU update to be able to handle updates to CU's where the WEB interface is password protected

Release 1.10.5

BUG fixes
- Static IP address may change after an amount of time.
- Missing floor sound on DC59xxF when more than one speak button is activated
- DC59xx interpreted headphone output is attenuated when speak is activated before channel selection is made

- Updated limiter algorithms in microphone units
- Updated power limiter for delegate loudspeakers
- Russian labels updated in WEB interface
- FUU library updated with B revisions for new hardware revisions of DC5980P and DC59xxF (power limiter update).
- FUU updated to display information before and after sd-card repartitioning
- FUU updated to powercycle units if they don't enter their bootloader correctly during upgrade