Below you will find the latest software for the SW6000 Conference Management Software. 

Downloads for use with DIS-CCU, CU 6105 or CU 6110


SW6000 Release Notes
MXC - DCS6000 / SW6000 Compatibility

SW6000 v6.7.8.7

This software version introduces new features, improvements as well as bug fixes for MXC/6000 systems using DIS-CCU, CU 6105 or CU 6110 .

The version can be used in new installations and for upgrade from all previous SW6000 versions. 

Download: SW6000 v6.7.8.7  (Size 360 MB) 

Important:  This version is compatible with SW6000 Software License file v1.7 only - No new SW6000 license is needed if upgrading from SW6000 or later versions - A new license is needed if upgrading from SW6000 or previous versions.

This version works with DIS-CCU, CU 6105 and CU 6110 Central Units only.


Downloads for use with CU 6005, CU 6010 or CU 6011


SW 6000 Release Notes
DCS 6000 / SW 6000 Compatibility
FAQ - CU 60xx

SW 6000 v6.3.34.26

SW 6000 v6.3.34.26 is a maintenance release for v6.0 to v6.3.34.16 for systems using CU 6005, CU 6010 or CU 6011. This version is not for new installations.

Download: SW 6000 v6.3.34.26  (Size 360 MB)

Important: - V6.3.34.26 is compatible with SW 6000 Software License file v1.7 only - no new license is needed when upgrading from SW 6000 v6.0 or later versions. This version works with CU 6005, CU 6010, CU 6011.