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DCS 6000 Digital Conference System

The DCS 6000 Digital Conference System is a "State-of-the-Art" digital conference system combining microphone handling, voting and interpretation in one system.

The system include portable and flush mounted conference units and is suitable for even the smallest installation up to the very largest.  

Main features

  • Fully digital
  • Excellent sound quality
  • 39 incoming sound channels (8 floor + 31 interpreted channels)
  • 34 distributed channels (3 floor + 31 interpreted channels)
  • DCS-LAN - a proprietary high speed all digital audio channel, data and power bus 
  • DCS-LAN connection by use of CAT 5e (or higher) F/UTP or U/FTP cabling
  • Upgradeable firmware in delegate units, interpreter units and central units through an TCP/IP interface on the central unit
  • Added functionalities and comprehensive features provided by SW 6000 Conference Management Software package

Brochure English (PDF)

When do you need SW 6000 Software?
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